Humpty Dumpty

It's not true what they say.

I won't always be this easy to smash.

Though I straddle a wall between hope
and sorrow, I find a kind of peace
between them.
The fragile
must be above it all,
self-contained, potential,
cracked open by surprise--and life--
a lake within herself, a sun.
The shell is delicate, but it will mend.

Nothing in this garden has not been broken.

Even the promises of Kings.

copyright 2006, Mauled Illusionist, Orchises Press


Todd:Swirled said…
this is clearly one of your faves.
Mine too!!
Barbara Matteau said…
HI Jean,
We are friends of friends and now we live in Salem. I thought I saw you walking down the street with your daughter in downtown Salem, but wasn't sure. I was with my daughter myself. Here is my own site...still under a development of sorts:
Barbara Matteau
Barry DeCArli said…
I love this poem. Quiet understatement - the knowledge that bad things happen and no one esacpes, but whether we grow stronger or not, we are able to hope.

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